The governor and General Assembly founded the University Retirement System in 1941 as an administrator of benefits for employees of the University of Illinois. In the following years, the System grew to include other universities, colleges and affiliated agencies throughout the state. In 1963, the System adopted its current name, State Universities Retirement System (SURS). SURS employs approximately 125 people in its Champaign and Naperville offices and provides retirement, survivor, disability and death benefits to more than 230,000 members throughout the world.


SURS serves 61 employers in Illinois. Our employing agencies include public universities, community colleges and other affiliated state agencies.


SURS serves a diverse group of employees with occupations ranging from professors and teachers to clerical, building service workers and groundskeepers. SURS Members do not Participate In Social Security Unlike many other public pension systems, SURS is the sole source of retirement income for its participants. The state/employer does not contribute to Social Security on the employee’s behalf, and there is no coordinated benefit for SURS-covered employment from Social Security upon retirement. In addition, retirees who may qualify for Social Security benefits from other, non-SURS covered employment, may be affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision or the Government Pension Offset, resulting in an offset of their Social Security benefit.