State University Annuitants Association (SUAA)

Elgin Community College Annuitants Association (ECCAA) – Renamed 1990

Elgin Community College Pension Plan Participants (ECCP3) – Renamed 2009

1967Concept for an annuitants association introduced by David Lindstrom, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois.

1969First statutory annual increase (1.5%) in annuitants’ pensions; later 2%.

1970Formation of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign chapter of Annuitants of the State Universities Retirement System.

1971-73Nine state colleges and universities meet to form a state association: UIUC, EIU, WIU, ISU, NIU, SIU-L, SIU-E, ICC, CSU.

1971State health insurance plan established; universities join; colleges turn it down.

1980Third annual pension increase – to 3%.

1981Gus Stuart elected president of ICCAA.

1983Chicago State University chapter formed.

1984Springfield area chapter formed.

1986Formation of independent ECC Retirees Association (ECCRA), Dorothy Hines, president.

1988Northeastern Illinois chapter formed. Illinois Eastern College chapter formed.

1989Senate Bill 195 provides 3% annual increase (compounded) for annuitants and survivors.

1990ECCRA affiliates with SUAA to become ECCAA, Deloris Aleksandras, president.

1996Gus Stuart elected ECCAA president.

1999At this point there were 19 community college SUAA chapters and 11 university chapters. Many of the college SUAA chapters were formed upon recognition of the need for a health insurance plan. 

2000ECCAA receives SUAA award for its contribution to record SUAA membership.

2001Continuing deficits in pension funding remain most serious problem.

2002SUAA backs 30-and-out early retirement provision and mobilizes higher education leaders to ask Gov. Ryan to sign “Purchase Power” legislation to benefit older retirees.

2003Implementation of SUAA Strategic Plan, designed to energize members and impact legislation. Members mourn passing of long-time ECCA president, Gus Stuart.

2004Five-year SUAA membership growth at 66.3%. Efforts continue for passage of Ad Hoc Annuity bill and elimination of unfair Social Security offsets.

2005Gov. Blagojevich’s pension system proposals meet strong opposition.

2006SUAA sponsors formation of Political Involvement Committees throughout state.

2007With 50 chapters in Illinois universities and colleges, SUAA has almost reached its long-sought goal. Only Rend Lake and Spoon River community colleges have yet to form local chapters of SUAA.

2009Elgin Community College Annuitants Association (ECCAA) changes name to Elgin Community College Pension Plan Participants (ECCP3)