Illinois General Assembly:

Illinois State Board of Elections:

Illinois District or Official Locater:

What legislative district am I in?

Go to the the Illinois State Board of Elections website, click on “voters,” click on “Am I registered to vote?” Fill in your name; continue to the next screen that asks for your address. You will see the numbers of each of your Illinois legislative districts as well as your congressional district.

What is my legislator’s contact information?

See above for directions to determine the name of your legislator. When you know his/her name, click on the name. Office locations, contact information, committee assignments, etc., will appear.

 How can I find out the status of a particular bill?

Look on the left hand side of the home page for the Illinois General Assembly site. Enter the number of the bill into the box provided. For example, SB (Senate Bill) 90 or HB (House Bill) 90. Coick “go.” If you don’t know the number of the bill, yu can also search by keyword.

 How do I know if the Legislature is in session?

A box in the upper left hand corner of the home page tells you whether or not the House or Senate is in session. If the House or Senate is not in session, the date they will be in session is given.