ECAA – Elgin Community College Annuitants Association

Name of local ECC chapter of the SUAA changed to ECCP3 in May of 2009 to better describe the membership.

ECCP3 – Elgin Community College Pension Plan Participants

Name of local ECC chapter of the SUAA changed from ECCAA in May of 2009 to better describe the membership which includes anyone who is active in SURS including spouses and beneficiaries. 

AAI – Automatic annual increase

A 3% automatic annual increase each January 1st guaranteed SURS annutitants by law. The first year of your retirement, you will receive a pro-rated increase based upon the number of months you were retired that year.

Inactive Member

An inactive member was employed by a SURS-covered employer and contributed a portion of their earnings to the System but is no longer employed with a SURS covered employer.

SURS - State University Retirement System

The mission of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) is to: (1) provide for SURS annuitants, participants, and their employers, in accordance with State law; (2) manage and invest the fund´s assets prudently; and (3) endeavor to achieve and maintain a financially sound retirement system.

SURS Active Member

An active member is currently employed by a SURS-covered employer  and contributes a portion of their earnings to the SURS system.

SURS Annuitant

A person receiving a monthly annuity payment from SURS.


Depending on the SURS application “survivor” may include a spouse, unmarried minor and disabled children, and income-dependent parents.

SUAA – State University Annuitants Association

An organization of 160,000+ members actively advocating for SURS members rights.  To be a member of SUAA you must be a SURS annuitant, a SURS active member, a spouse or a survivor.

Defined Benefit Plan

A Defined Benefit Plan is a retirement plan that provides you with a specific, guaranteed amount when you retire. The amount you receive is based on the plan’s formula, which takes into account your years of service and salary history. Investing your contributions to the plan is the responsibility of SURS, so you have no investment risk or responsibility.

Defined Contribution Plan

A Defined Contribution Plan is a retirement plan where the amount you receive at retirement is based on the amount of money that you have contributed to the plan and the earnings on that money, over time. Because you are solely responsible for the investment risk, there is no guaranteed payout at retirement.